I work with my cornea & anterior segment colleagues to manage patients with external eye diseases and following cornea surgeries. I take referrals for many patients with different cornea disease, or who had corneal grafts (PKP, DSAEK).

1. I run joint clinics & theatres with Prof S Shah & MR A Barua the Cornea in BMEC where I managed different cases for IOP optimisation and to preserve the sight in the challenging situations using

  • Augmented Filtration Surgery
  • Aqueous Shunts with scleral/artificial grafts/ conjunctiva transposition
  • Utilisation of various techniques to insert aqueous shunts in patients with DSAEK to optimise graft survival
  • Goniosynecholysis following posterior synechiae in DSAEK patients
  • The use of endoscopic laser for ciliary body to reduce IOP for opaque media (Decompensated cornea)
  • Epithelial down growth and high IOPs.
  • High IOP, and uveitis following some iris implants, and anterior phakic IOLs

2. I collaborate with Miss S Rauz & other colleagues in managing patients required glaucoma surgery in patients with ocular pemphigoid, and severe external eye disease (eczema). A teamwork and synchronisation of effort is usually required to achieve the best results following the introduction of immunosuppression by my colleague for a period of time prior to surgery.

3. I manage medically ocular surface disease, which accounts for more than 50% in complex glaucoma cases to improve the outcome in glaucoma management, improving surface health and increase compliance and reduce risks of surgical failure.